Do you need new clients for your therapy practice?

Like most therapists you offer excellent services, but you probably struggle to secure enough clients for your practice. By advertising with the Reachout app, you can get access to a clearly defined and engaged audience. Reach potential patients who are actively looking for a solution to their mental health and relationship problems.

Our clients:


Amethyst Recovery Center


Lumiere Detox Center

Edward-Elmhurst Health

Bluff Plantation

The Oaks at La Paloma

Michael’s House

American Addiction Centers

Laguna Treatment Hospital

Greenhouse Treatment Center

Reach new clients by advertising on a platform for patients

For a counselor/therapist it’s difficult to attract the right clients simply by throwing money at Google and Facebook Ads. You’ll usually end up spending a lot, but won’t have any tangible results that will grow your business.

But with Reachout, you’ll communicate only with people who are already struggling with a specific health issue or relationship.challenges. This approach brings clicks of much higher quality and engagement.

Who are Reachout users?

Our audience deals with these issues:

Mental health

Bipolar disorder, BPD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, addiction etc

Relationship issues

Marital, family, parenting

Other chronic conditions

Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes, Autism, dementia etc

24,000 +

active users in a month

5000 +

new users join our platform each month

28 minutes +

Average time spent per user in the App each day

Gender Diversity

  • Female 68% 68%
  • Male 32% 32%

Age groups

  • 18-24 22% 22%
  • 24-34 25% 25%
  • 35-44 13% 13%
  • 45-54 10% 10%
  • 55-64 5% 5%
  • 65+ 3% 3%

Here’s how your ad will look like inside of the app

Deliver messaging when it matters most

As you can see, many of our users are already looking for solutions and recommendations regarding treatment. Now you’ll be able to communicate with them just at the right time – when it matters most.

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