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Letter from the founder

Hey guys,

Reachout has grown leaps and bounds since we started this two years ago. My wife and I, as well as the entire development team take pride in how all of you have adopted this platform as your own and contributed to its growth. We would like to continue its growth to include everyday tools and resources to make Reachout more useful for everyone. For this, we have decided to offer advertising in the App. We have been approached by several psychologists, doctor offices, pharmacies and hospitals wanting to advertise in the App. Now is the time to start selling ads to fuel our growth.

Although it would be conventional to hire sales agents and pay them commissions for ad sales, I would much rather pay commissions to all of you, my Reachout friends instead. This is our App and I am sure many will be happy to help the cause. Besides, we can all use the money as well. Most of us know quite a few doctor offices, pharmacies, rehab centers, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health centers, hospitals etc by now. They would all be very interested in advertising on Reachout. It is a matter of approaching them with the right information.


So here are the details:

We pay:

$100 for every Ad sold. Most practices place 2-4 ads. In that case, you get $100x2 (0r 4)


We have included all our ads info online at www.reachout.life/advertise

Please educate them about Reachout and how the users on the App are helping each other.  Given the large number of users, it would be a great idea for them to advertise their practice/medicine/service on our App.  Make sure to ask them to refer your name when they contact us so we can credit you accordingly.

Please fill out the form below.  As soon as they place an order,  you will receive your commissions check.

Help us grow Reachout

Sunil Modi

Advertising Agent Form

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