Help reduce the barrier to therapy for patients
lessen the burden of marketing your practice


Therapist Search Screen

Therapist Details Screen

"I wish I could find a good counselor"

"I can’t drive, does anyone know a good remote therapist?"

"I am so done with my counselor, recommendations please!"

"Are there any therapists for chronic pain?"

"I need professional help, I am so depressed over my marriage"

"Anyone know of a psychologist in CA who handles alcohol issues?"

"If therapy were cheaper, I would totally sign-up"

"Why is it so difficult to find a good therapist"

"All the good therapists are so far away, I can never find anyone close to me."

Incentives: Highlights


Get paying client referrals at no cost


Save on advertising costs, directory listing costs, marketing costs, reputation management or finding clients


Build your reputation on the platform with each new patient you serve


Showcase your expertise to thousands of patients logging in each day

2 hours of your time results in a new client: Guaranteed every time

On average, patients stay for 8 or more therapy sessions, chronic health patients a bit longer.

With Incentives, you gain a new client by simply providing 2 free therapy sessions.

Only expense: Your personal currency: Time

If you consider 2 hours of your time a fair expense for acquiring a paying client?

Then we encourage you to sign-up soon before we fill up.

Who is Incentives program tailored for?

If you are a practitioner who strongly believes in providing the best mental health care to patients out there but struggle to get your word out, then we would love to partner with you. Due to limited availability in each state, we do ask that you sign-up only if you have the capacity for new clients, and are able to honor our guidelines of this program.

Interested but have more questions before you sign-up? Get in touch with us, and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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