The Rise of Substance Use and Addiction Among Teens

The Rise of Substance Use and Addiction Among Teens

Raising a child is no easy feat, but it becomes that much more challenging once puberty hits. Once children become teenagers, everything changes; their brains, their bodies, and their perception of the world around them. So, it can be tricky for parents to determine...

How to stop cutting and related NSSI behavior.

“I go to the boxing gym to release steam when I’m mad or angry” “Nothing clears my mind like a nice long run when I find myself frustrated” “Mediation is the only way I can manage my anxiety” “I carry a small razor in my purse and cut myself to cope with stress” One...

Coping With PTSD: Learning To Live Again

Coping with PTSD is an achievable goal, even if the condition is a four-letter acronym that can be as painful as it sounds. I had heard of it before and knew others that had dealt with it. It was known yet a mystery. I didn’t know what it felt like. I figured it to be...

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