How to Cope with Chronic Asthma and COPD More Effectively

How to Cope with Chronic Asthma and COPD More Effectively

Coping with asthma and COPD is extremely difficult and only the patients suffering through such chronic illness can understand the distressing feeling of shortness of breath that you can never get used to. People with COPD can have varying abilities when it comes to...

11 Warning Signs of Alcohol Addiction

A casual drink of one or two bottles with friends is not something to fret about. However, it is important to note that alcohol is addictive, and it is fairly easy for people to get addicted to it. There are different indicative signs to help identify probable alcohol...

How Addiction Affects Your Relationships

When you have a substance use disorder, chronic pain or a mental health issue, you aren’t always the person you’d like to be. And when you aren’t yourself, the people closest to you are the first to notice and feel the effects. Addiction puts pressure on your...

Cancer Risks

Of most cancers the cause is unknown. Different factors, age, environmental and genetic (familiar risk) are mixed together and result in one out of four citizens in the Western world and one out of eight in most other countries to be diagnosed during life with cancer....

Tips For Staying Sober

There are vital changes that have to be made in order to effect lasting change as your previous lifestyle was conducive to your addiction, not to your recovery. You can’t go on a diet, lose weight, then go right back to your old eating habits and expect to maintain, right? Nope. It has to be a complete lifestyle change if you want it to work.

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease: Making Friends With My Invisible Illness

There is no magic button you can press to make this all better, no pill you can take that will truly heal your body. The only weapon you have is hope. Persevere through the dozens of doctor’s visits, and never let your hope die. You aren’t the only one who’s going through this, and there are lots of people ready and willing to lend a kind word or helping hand as you try to find your own best self while managing a chronic illness.

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