“I wish I could find a good counselor

“Does anyone know the effects of Plavix?”

“Has anyone been to Phoenix Hospital in Tennessee?”

“My endocrinologist doesn’t listen to me. Anyone have recommendations?”

“Where can I go to get a second opinion for my cancer diagnosis?”

“Does anyone know a good chronic pain doctor?”

Deliver messaging when it matters the most

Reachout: The details

Extend social support to those struggling with chronic illnesses

Leverage mobile technology in doing so

Provide tools of survival free of cost to the patients

Our Mission:

To enhance the quality of life for chronic illness patients by providing them with the self-help tools needed to manage their conditions.

Our Users

Highly targeted audience of patients and caregivers with chronic illnesses

New users added every month: 3,000
Engagement time per user: 16:24 minutes per day
Actively participating users: 91%

Cancer ribbonCancer
Heart diseaseHeart Disease
Undo signAddiction

Mentalhealth headwithcrossMental Health
Chronicpain lightningChronic Pain
Diabetes circleDiabetes

  • Female 68%
  • Male 32%

Cost per click Comparison:

Google PPC Reachout
Mental Health
Psychologist near me: $3.89 <$1
Dual diagnosis: $18 <$1
Drug Treatment center: $193 <$4
Rehabilitation center $17.62 <$4
Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia
Pain clinic near me: $6.32 <$2
Fibromyalgia doctor: $4.41 <$2
Endocrinologist near me: $4.88 <$1.50
Diabetes doctor: $4.67 <$1.50
Heart disease
Cardiologist near me: $7.46 <$2
Cancer treatment center: $28.46 <$5
Additional costs of google advertising
Cost of poor quality clicks: upto 80% of budget
Cost of hiring an advertising expert
Cost of targeting the wrong keywords
CPC: Cost per click: $126 per click* $1- $5 per click

*Based on average medical industry advertising data of 2016

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