Advertisement Guidelines


What are Reachout ads?

Reachout ads are paid messages from businesses written to help reach the users who matter most to them.

You can be a chronic pain practice looking to expand your practice or a mental health clinic trying to gain more patients. By choosing the right images, headline, contextual text and a nicely designed landing page, your business can attract audiences to them.

Where do ads appear on Reachout?

Reachout ads are shown as part of the feed. The in-line native ads have been proven to be much more effective than the traditional banner placements there by increasing your Ad effectiveness and your ROI.

How much do Reachout ads cost?

Reachout ads using DFP ad server and hence have the same flexibility as Google ads do, in tailoring ads to your fit. You decide how much you want to spend on your ads but setting the daily max and overall campaign max budget. The price for an ad is set based on pay-per-click model (exceptions applied for pay-per-month). The cost per click is fixed at the beginning of the campaign by your sales associate.

Choose your audience

You choose the audience that you want to reach with your ad. We call this targeting. There are a lot of targeting options, including choosing an audience based on demographics and interests.


Image Specs

Main image size 1,200 x 628 pixels (Dimension ratio-1.91:1)

Logo image size 140 x 140 pixels

Type of image .png, jpeg

Company name
50 characters

200 characters

Headline might appear truncated in smaller devices

400 characters

Landing Page URL

Please use full URL including any tracking parameters

Call to action

Pick from:

  • Learn
  • More
  • No button
  • Book now
  • Custom

All ads are subject to approval. We reserve the right to reject any ad.

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