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What do we do?

What we do:

We build connections in the patient community worldwide. Chronic diseases pose a large socioeconomic burden on our society and the time to stop the progression of these diseases is now.

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How do we do it:

Improving the quality of life of patients is critical in helping them manage their disease(s) better and avoiding the co-morbidities from occurring. By addressing the underlying factors of alienation, depression, and loneliness, we achieve better outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.


Why do we exist:

Significant research is being done to find cures and vaccines for these diseases. However,  almost 80% of all healthcare spending is used in managing these chronic disease patients. Our objective is to provide a low cost solution to managing the quality of life for these patients, in effect, making them more adherent, better informed and healthier overall.

Meet our founders

Sunil Modi


Sunil has over 20 years of business leadership and I.T experience from major companies and startups.  He presently leads a team of software engineers, doctors, healthcare workers, marketers and bloggers at Reachout.  Sunil creates a challenging but collaborative environment that fosters a culture of innovation, team spirit, and personal growth.

Sunil believes that effectively managing chronic diseases has a far greater impact on the society than any innovation in medicine today.  Chronic disease patients can manage their conditions much more effectively given the right set of tools and measures to do so.  Together, patient power can and will achieve a greater quality of life.

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Dr. Rashmi Jain


Sunil’s wife and a pediatrician by trade, Rashmi has a thriving practice in Fort Worth, TX. Rashmi has over 10 years of patient care experience in dealing with chronic as well as acute conditions. Currently, she serves in the capacity of medical/disease advisor to the platform.

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